Your legacy. Our leadership.
Partners in growth, together.


We hold true to your legacy. We understand everything you have sacrificed to build your business and believe that capital providers do not do enough to protect all that you have built. 


After witnessing the succession process firsthand, Archer Growth Partners was formed to provide an alternative form of transition for businesses that respects you, your teams, and the communities you serve. 

The Archer Growth Difference

Long-term Focus

We are focused on the long-term success of our companies. Our investors are family offices & successful entrepreneurs who think about investments in decades, not years. 


We understand that there is no single solution that fits every business owner’s needs. We are willing and eager to work with business owner’s to structure a transaction and success plan that works for them. 

Growth Oriented

We are focused on growing businesses. We do not believe in excessive financial engineering nor do we want to drive our returns through cuts & rationalisations. We want to honour and grow the legacies of the companies we work with. 


Our Approach

From the first hello to the final handshake, Archer Growth Partners is committed to creating a true and trusted partnership that will maintain and grow your legacy

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Invest in Relationships

Investing means more than capital. We will continue to value and honour the relationships that are the heartbeat of your organization.

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Transparent Partnership

Trust is the foundation that great businesses are built on. We will always collaborate and communicate openly, honestly, and transparently.

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Respect Legacy

We believe in protecting and furthering your legacy, and never disrupt the hard work and equity you have built.  

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Passion and Persistence

Our hard work is only outpaced by our passion for what we do. We are relentless in our pursuit of the right solution that works for you.


Who You Are

We see great promise in small to medium sized businesses built by great entrepreneurs. We seek to purchase private companies with a unique competitive advantage primarily within the North American market. Specifically, we look for opportunities that meet most of the following criteria:

• Annual sales in excess of $10M 
• History of profitability & cash flow
• Recurring revenue
• Diverse & loyal customer base
• Fragmented & growing industry

We are keen to speak with owners that are:

• Seeking to retire or exit without an obvious successor in mind
• Looking to reduce their day-to-day involvement in the business
• Wanting to ensure continuity & future success for the business

We encourage business owners and their advisors to contact us to discuss how we can work together.

Investment Criteria

Our Process

As we look to build our partnership together we want to ensure you know what you can expect from us over the next few weeks and months. 


Our Story

Rishi Sahel and Martin Thiel, founders of Archer Growth Partners, met while leading respective teams at Bain & Company where they advised some of the world’s leading companies. While at Bain & Co, they discovered that they both grew up in entrepreneurial families and each watched their families start, build and eventually sell their businesses. Their journeys taught them the importance of passion, hard work, sacrifice, resiliency and commitment – learning from their families who gave everything to help their businesses succeed. These shared experiences set Archer Growth Partners in motion and led to their core philosophy: respecting and growing the legacies of others.



Martin Thiel

Most recently, Martin held the position of Associate Vice President in strategy & corporate development for Canadian Tire Corporation, a $13 billion group of companies which includes retail stores, financial services, and real estate investments.

Rishi Sahel

Prior to Archer Growth Partners, Rishi served as a Case Team Leader with Bain & Company, where he honed his strategic thinking abilities and helped companies set new standards of excellence across a range of industries and functions.


We have raised patient & long-term capital from over twenty experienced entrepreneurs, operating executives & investors who all share a common passion for growing small- to medium-sized companies in North America & beyond. We believe in the strength of relationships and have known some of our investors for over twenty years. Their deep industry expertise and operational experience allows Archer Growth Partners to enhance the long-term value of the companies they partner with and protect the legacy of their founders.


For further information on our investors, please reach out directly to either founder. 

Our Investors


Building strong relationships is the cornerstone of success.

Our commitment to our partners is simple: we will always be respectful, responsive, straightforward and collaborative across every step of our process.

We encourage business owners and their advisors to contact us to discuss how we can work together.  

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